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Rochelle Pese-Akerise, Jillian Tupuse, Sheila Tui, and Veititi Alapati at the Symphony at the Park, March 2018


Our students! They are AMAZING. But I'm sure you knew that already.

This month we feature 4 talented singers and violinists. Not only have Rochelle, Jillian, Sheila and Veititi all passed their Grade 6 in violin (!) after learning just a few years, but they are also naturally talented singers. With the help of Porirua's amazing Wini Baxter they performed Te Awhina's beautiful Tiaha Mai Ra at the Symphony at the Park recently.

Rochelle started violin at Cannons Creek School after her older brother James (a talented rugby player and cellist) started treating the family to some interesting new tunes. She now attends Brandon Intermediate. The orchestra has voted Rochelle's romantic vibrato the best!!!

Sheila also started at Cannons Creek School. Soon after starting violin she announced one day that she wanted to sit her Grade 3 exam. Her teacher Liz knew better than to argue, as once Sheila decides to do something she is guaranteed to achieve it, and more!

.Jillian's principal at Corrina School asked Liz one day if there was any possible way she could squeeze another student into the class. Jilllian practises so hard she has compressed a decade of learning into a few short years! Her voice will be famous one day.

Veititi was introduced to violin after a family tragedy, and has brought great pride to her family. She can play violin, cello, viola and piano with ease! And she has a voice like an angel. Veititi currently attends Corrina School.

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