Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust

Our People

More about our close-knit orchestra family coming soon. 

Meanwhile here are some of the formal roles.

Board of Trustees:

Elizabeth (Liz) Sneyd 

James Faraimo (Chairperson)

Paul Setefano

Craig Utting (non-voting member, and Secretary to Board)

Strategic Committee:

James Faraimo

Nina Nimarota

Liz Sneyd

Craig Utting

Trish Setefano (Secretary)

Paul Setefano

Programme Director:

Liz Sneyd

Joint Music Directors:

Craig Utting and Liz Sneyd

Music Librarian and Arrangements:

Craig Utting

Youth Leaders:

Avril Stil and Toloa Faraimo

Community Liaison Officer:

Nina Nimarota

Stage Manager:

Jamie Cochrane

Music Tutors:


Tim Whitta

Liz Sneyd

Craig Utting

Jean Bentley

Amalia Hall

Ngarita Davies

Gaylene Waite

Avril Stil

Toloa Faraimo

Erana Tamaiva

Brenton Veitch


Andrew Aitken

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