Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust

Got Money or Time?

We get tremendous support from a myriad of community funders (see our Funders page), but nevertheless we still have a desperate need for new strings, new hard cello cases, a stage piano, wages for our tutors and administrators, money for trips, money for Trinity College London music exams, instrument maintenance, teaching resources, and so on and so on......  What's more, around 90% of the work carried out by Virtuoso Strings is done on a volunteer basis. But volunteers sometimes move on, get burnt out, or go broke :-( so we are always on the lookout for new volunteers.

Please contact us if you have time, energy or expertise to donate to our cause. There are a number of awesome volunteer roles which will make you feel rewarded in ways you could never imagine. Make some new friends. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn some new skills. Have some fun. Relax. Chill out in a supportive environment. Feel alive.

Or if it is money you are able to donate, then do think about sponsoring a student  - $460 per school term (or $1840 per year). This enables another student to receive one-on-one tuition and be supported to enter exams and competitions. You can get a lot of satisfaction from following the progress of the student you choose to sponsor. We will typically tell you the background of some appropriate candidates for sponsorship and let you make the final decision. Virtuoso Strings will always give you the assurance that without your financial support the chosen student would never had the opportunity to pursue their passion for music.

Other people choose to send the Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust a set amount each month, often setting up an automatic payment for a hassle-free approach.

Many donors prefer to give a one-off donation. Either way, we are immensely grateful. We pledge to spend the money on whatever you care to specify (although you can leave that decision up to us if you like) and promptly send you a Donation Tax Receipt.

Just remember, your support, financial or otherwise, is what makes our organisation tick.

Please feel free to contact Liz on if you would to investigate ways to support our young musicians.

You can also donate directly at Please note, they do take  5% of your money to cover their admin costs. On the positive side they automatically send you a tax receipt so there is no delay in receiving this:-) 


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